Friday, February 6, 2009

ZA Dewy Effect Creamy Eye Gel

This is my current eye cream used. FYI: I've always been a fan of Shiseido, and ZA is manufactured in the same laboratory as Shiseido (so is Majolica Majorca and Pure & Mild).

The eye gel is packaged in a soft plastic tube that is squeezable. In my opinion, I prefer products that come in a tube as they are more hygienic. Imagine dipping your finger a million times into a jar of cream. I mean, unless you sterilize your fingers every time you dip your fingers, then it's not a problem. Not a big issue anyway, just personal preference.

ZA is constantly up to new product lines, however, I still think the main target group are for people in their 20's to early 30's. Even with it's latest line, Anti-Early Aging, the products are meant for.... well, anti-early aging.

In it's official website, the Dewy Effect line if mean for:

For skin that’s dry, and for skin that’s oily. Enhances your skin’s natural power and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. With the dewy sensation it creates, this skincare locks in the moisture that the skin needs. Feel your skin become impervious to dryness or liliness.
This program helps you maintain your skin in a smooth, silky state by improving your skin’s ability to moisturize itself.

Unlike ordinary eye gel that is free from fragrance, this one comes with a soft green tea scent. However, the smell is so minimal you can barely notice it.

Upon application, the white coloured gel cream absorbs pretty fast into your eye area, leaving a 'dewy-like-effect'. My eye area felt moisturized but not oily. Considering that I'm only in my early 20's, this eye cream is sufficient, as I don't have dehydrated and thank god, no visible fine lines. YET. However, I have doubts that this will be for you if you have dehydrated eyes or wrinkles. A richer formula might be needed.

However, when applying concealer, I felt that this eye cream is not creamy enough to enable easy blending. (I'm currently using a stick concealer, which tends to be a dryer). Therefore, I find that i have to apply slightly more of this eye cream to enable easy blending.

VERDICT: I definitely would consider repurchasing this, as long as I'm still in my 20's. I would recommend you to purchase it as your first eye cream as it is has rather 'basic' functions which is to keep your eyes moisturized.

When dealing with the eye area which is exceptionally delicate, always tap, NOT drag, cream/make-up on the skin. Since the eye area is the first area that shows the first signs aging, you might consider taking special care of it.

I know these Sharpei's wrinkly skin may be CUTE,
but it won't be when it's on YOU.