Friday, February 6, 2009

L'Oreal Double Extension BEAUTY TUBE Mascara

I decided to pick up this mascara after reading some good reviews about it in MakeupAlley. While shopping in Watsons, I was busy scanning my eyes through the amount of cosmetics, I finally spotted the L'OrealMascara that I wanted, PLUS PLUS, this time, the Mascara comes with a FREE L'Oreal Lash Curler ! *Goodness, I guess girls are always attracted to the word FREE, or am I born like that ?!*. I also remembered that my previous mascara was approaching it's life span *I was using Fibrewig before this, will give a review about it some other time*, so my almost instantaneous natural reflex was to grab a box of it. At that time, it retailed at RM49.90 (which comes together with the lash curler).

Things that I like about L'Oreal Lash Extension

  • Packaging: Cleverly designed in a tube that comes with two sections: The first section (white) acts as a base to elongate lashes and the second section (black) defines and makes lashes look more voluminous.
  • Size & Description: The size of this mascara is just nice for the grasp of your hands. Its wand is not too thin, it is designed in a way that allows you to gain maximum control while working on the magic on your lashes! It also comes with a rather big brush preventing clumps from forming and is dermatologically tested, therefore I presume it would be suitable for most eye types. I did not experience any stingy feeling upon application. The cream of the mascara is rather liquid and creamy in texture wise. It is very black, which is a plus point if you aim to dramatize your lashes.
  • Properties: It is washable, a quality that I always look for in a mascara. However, if you read the fine prints behind the box that comes along with it....It suggests that you should put on cotton pads soaked in warm water over your eyes for a few seconds. The mild heat from the cotton pad kinda works by 'melting' the mascara. Once the mascara 'melts/softens', I remove it by gently swipping my eye area with the cotton pad and the fibres of the mascara comes off effortlessly. I know that many people weren't too happy about the fact that the mascara runs messy during cleaning, but if you follow the steps suggested, I really don't see it as a problem.
  • Smudge Proof: The fact that this mascara claims that it is SMUDGE PROOF did live up to it ! I've tried dozens of mascaras before and this one really does not smudge at all, thus you dont have to worry about the panda eye effect ! The formula of this mascara is great because wraps up each lash individually, AND stays on to them throughout the whole day.

Things I did not like about L'Oreal Lash Extension Mascara
  • Maybe I'm not one of those people blessed with long lush lashes, but this mascara did not work to elongate my lashes. YES, it did dramatically volumises my lashes, making my lash line look more prominent, but, in terms of length, it worked pretty much like another average mascara. It has not extension properties as its name suggests, mainly because the fact this mascara does not allow 'layering'. By the time I coat my lashes the second round, clumps are already starting to form.
  • Since it comes with two separate compartments, does it mean that the mascara will finish twice as fast as normal mascaras ? This I do not know, as I'm still using it. However, the fact that ALL mascaras should be discarded 3 months upon opening may not be such a problem after all because you'd probably hit the expiry date before the content runs out.

So far, my experience with this mascara has not been particularly satisfying, neither is it dissapointing. If you are looking for a mascara that volumises or defines your lashes(making your lashes look darker), then it might be the one for you. However, IF have short lashes, then Fiberwig would be a better choice. In all, I think this mascara has everything except the fact that it does not elongate lashes !