Friday, February 20, 2009

b.liv (Pro Sebum Gel) by Cellniq

In today's post, I'll reveal this magic product that helped my skin to stay clear (at least, I felt that this product is doing its best :P)

I was first introduced to the Pro Sebum Gel (PSG) 2 years ago by my former room mate *I swear this product does wonders to her blemished forehead !). So, I decided to grab myself a bottle of this miracle gel which retails for RM139 for 30mL. Two months ago, after my 2nd bottle of PSG finished, I decided to pay myself a visit to SASA (a famous cosmetics shop) to restock this product. I was rather surprised that it now retails for only RM100, and comes with a cute packaging as shown on the pic below !! I did a research and found out that
**Note: That was during promotion period, I'm not too sure if it's still going on

Previous packaging:
The Pro-Series by Cellnique was later rebranded to b.liv by Cellniq

Current packaging:
Comes with a new refreshing look targetting for the younger generation


Its bottle is cleverly packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump diffuser (very hygienic, somehow I'm not a big fan of the idea of double dipping). Its content is....well, gel like ofcourse, not too runny nor is it too thick. Upon application, a mild cooling sensation can be felt, partly attributed to the presence of peppermint oil in it. There are no traces of fragrance or whatsoever after application. Although I must admit that the previous packaging was more pleasing to my eye, but if that makes promotion held more frequent, then I certainly wouldn't mind :P

So what does it do to my skin ??
It effectively prevent blackheads from forming especially on my T zone area, but in terms of controlling oil secretion......uh-ah.... I don't really see any effects. Oil blotting paper does a better job :D Although this product is meant for blackheads, strangely, it works when I'm having breakouts too. Unlike conventional pimple gels, it does not work by drying out pimples. Instead, it soothes the skin and dries the puss from the INSIDE. Thus, I do not experience the 'fish-scale' effect on my skin (an after effect of pimple gels drying out the skin). After a while, the pimple can be extracted effortlessly and most importantly, almost pain-free.

I guess the PSG would work for you if you suffer from blackheads and occasional breakouts. If you're looking for a pimple cream specially targetting for pimple and problematic skin, then this product might not be for you. For some unexplained reasons, the PSG did help my skin to stay clear, although I still do suffer from occasional breakouts.