Monday, February 2, 2009

Brief Intro

First of all, this blog is meant for product reviews *everything from make-ups to skin care and maybe some magical make up tools*
As Ive always been a make up enthusiats since in my mother's womb prolly..... I've decided to start up this blog.....

One reason> to share my interest and passion in beauty stuffs,
which I proudly nickname em as the Ultimate Girls Toys !

Similiarly, being brought up in an enviroment full of is of little wonder that every room that i enter upon has, either bottles of perfume, moisturisers, lying around. Therefore, I am privilleged to try on products for once or *multiple times* without having to burn a hole in my pocket !

Lastly, as much as Im tempted to try the higher end products such as Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Shiseido etc...... I'm proud the say that AT LEAST for now..... my main range of products that are currently used are pretty much affordable stuffs such as L'oreal and Kate from Kanebo. The reviews of products that I include in here may not be in the interest of everyone as each individuals are blessed or maybe not with different skin. So in the next posting, I'll reveal some details of my skin, so that ....well, at least you know how a certain product would work on you.

While I take pride and effort in blogging, I hope I've given you some clues in choosing the right products and happy happy reading !