Saturday, February 21, 2009

Opinion: Estee Lauder TurboLash VS Lancome Oscillation Mascara

With giant sized posters plastered in every cosmetic counters I go's impossible for those with eye sight to unnotice it. let me introduce the Estee Lauder TurboLash and Lancome Oscillation Mascara !

Well well.....who would have thought of a vibrating mascara of all things ? Well, yes...... some commonly heard of vibrating stuff is for ...well, AHEM, some bed time activities. But now, a mascara ? I must admit defeat, I'm not that imaginative darling :)

Anyways, you can read reviews on both of these mascaras in here and here. (I'm sure you'll find plenty more reviews elsewhere). I must admit that I have not personally tried these mascaras before but.......

it made me wonder if it is necessary to have a vibrating mascara ?

Well, ofcourse, inventors of these tools claim that the 'vibrating' motions help to curl, seperate and ease the job of users (Yes, that refers to us vain pots :P) .... but I'm talking about practicality here.

Isn't it sufficient to curl your lashes the conventional way using a lash curler, then apply mascara with the wand using your hands ? Wouldn't that allow more control ? Call me traditional, but I'm not even used to driving long distance in the cruise mode :P Somehow, I need to feel my feet stepping on the accelerator to feel that my car is in MY control. And I guess the same principle applies to the vibrating mascara.

Plus, we all know that the life span of mascaras are the shortest *they expire after 3 months, although I stubbornly prolong them to sometimes 4 months, MAX!*. So..... do you throw that RM100++ mascara away after 3 months of using, or do you continue to keep them for ....display ? I don't know, maybe I'm too much of a practical person here, whom always compares thing that are good for value.

But, ofcourse ofcourse, I have to give credits for taking conventional mascaras to an entire different level. And something to spice up our dull daily routine of applying mascaras. Thank you very much.

Before I end this post, may I humbly suggest least a ....REFILL ? Come on, RM100+ for a mascara, you've got to convince women *like me* to make our money$$ worth it. Right ?