Monday, February 2, 2009

Skin Details and Tips!

So, here are some basic details of my skin. And they act as a guideline for readers *if any* to know how if the reviewed products would work in the best interest for them.

Skin colour: Fair with a yellow undertone
Texture: Smooth
Type: Combination to dry
Problematic areas: T-zone, where I tend to have breakouts around my chin area.

Like normal women out there, I'm not one of those with flawless skin *Well, I used to.....siGh, those were the days!* and would not consider my skin sensitive as I don't quite remember when my skin was allergic to products. However, I believe that the right skincare and home-care are essential in mantaining healthy skin.

Honestly, I'm gonna skip the typical-how-to-achieve-good-skin that are provided by gazzilion websites and so-called beauty gurus preaching about eating lots of veggies, drink 6-8 glasses of water, dont touch your skin, stress, yada-yada.....
BCoz, firstly, I assume that MANY people already know that ?!
I mean who doesnt?
The ideal pyramid food chain or whatever you call it is everywhere from posters in clinics to standard four's science text book
*Exhales deeply*
Therefore, in this particular section, I would like to highlight certain facts *largely based on personal experience & may not be found in any other beauty books nor websites*.

Tip #1: Cleanser & Toner of the Same Brand
It is preferable for one to use products of the same brand, especially when it comes to your cleanser and toner. *this is an important and useful tip that I got from my beautician friend* Reason being, cleansers and toner work together to produce certain effects in your skin, therefore, they should be of the same brand to prevent any adverse effects.

Tip #2: Layers of excessive products!
When having breakouts, avoid applying excessive products, such as mask, abbrasive exfoliating because these will only lead to 'choking' your skin. This occured to me when I had my first major breakouts, i started slapping products across my face foolishly hoping they would make it better. but it simply didn't and will not work !

Tip #3: Always always apply suncreen if exposed to the sun

It is NEVER too late to start investing on a eye cream. A good eye cream should effectively moisturise your skin and should be free of fragrance because the eye area is exceptionally delicate. Well, ofcourse, I do not mean slapping anti-wrinkles in your 20's or teens. One that effectively moisturizes and prevents dark circles *who doesn't have dark circles, UGH!* is sufficient. No point buying some magical cream that claims to erase wrinkles in just 10 applications when you're in your 50's. It's no different than taking taking your panadols ALL AT ONCE after being SICK for a week !

Beauty is all about maintainence & knowledge.
Yes, No ?