Friday, February 6, 2009

Bird Beauty

I was surfing at and found this interesting video. I then conducted my own research via Google, whom is known to be my best information finder.

Facials made from...........

not from sheep's placenta....

not from MUD either....

Don't get a heart attack

IT's bird's poo !!

YOUR EYES ARE NOT PLAYING TRICKS ON YOU! here are some fast facts:
This practice can be traced since the ancient times where high ranked geishas and kabukis use it to remove their heavy make up while leaving their skin supple and flawless. Apparently, this bird's species is not any ordinary bird.... it's known as 'Uguisu' to Japanese and the ultimate ingredient to this beauty: A natural occurring enzyme known a Guanine which is known to stimulate these skin smoothing effects.

Apparently even world reknowned fashion icon: Mr & Mrs Beckham claims that they owe their clear complexion to using paste made from nightingale poo. Seems like the Beckhams never fail to awe the world with the headlines ! From wearing a 'heeless heel' to birds poo. You can read it all in here and here ! Apparently, while Victoria was in Japan, she was admiring the beauty of the local women and found that it was down to these facials.

Of course, knowing that the world is filled with plenty of beauty conscious women..... Manhattan's Shizuka New York Day Spa began offering these facials at a whooping cost of $160 per hour. Well well, good news: Customers definitely do not have to worry about the peculiar smell of these facials because apparently, these poo are already sterilized under UV rays to remove the stench and also to kill bacterias.

So, who says that being
Beautiful is glamorous ?

Facial, anyone ?