Monday, February 9, 2009

Essential Oil: Rosehip Oil for Acne Scars ?

No wonder roses remain as the favourite flower among women. Its beauty is not only on the outside: after its petals fall off, a round pod of seed remains which is also known as Rosehip. When its natural oils found in the seed is extracted, it can be highly beneficial to the skin.

Ever since I moved to KL two years ago, my battle with acne began and is still continuing now. I've tried endless pimple creams, went to facials.... practically, I did everything I could ! Now, that I've changed my cleanser, my skin is starting to clear up a little. Recently, I was introduced by a friend about the magical properties of rose hip oil. So, after conducting my own research via Google, I decided to grab myself a bottle of Biogrow Rosehip Oil from the local pharmacy in my hometown, Penang.

This small bottle of Rosehip essential oil costed me RM46.90, and is only 15ml. The benefits of Rosehip includes relieving dry/dehydrated skin, pigmentation, aging skin and ofcourse acne scars. I was told by the pharmacists that this version of rosehip is an improved formula, it is not as oily as the previous formula, and can be applied directly to the skin.

However, it is still an oil based product, therefore, I would not recommend you to use it if you are still experiencing breakouts or if you have oily skin. I apply it at my acne scars and gently massage till is absorbed. It's been almost 2 weeks using, and so far so good. I did not experience any breakouts, and definitely did feel my scars getting lighter.

Will follow up with another review prolly one month from now.