Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I need a new bag!

I have been reading this amazing and highly popular website for almost a month now. It gives tips on womens life and most importantly,gives reviews on products that are available here in Malaysia. You know, there are times where you see really good reviews on this product to only find ............that it's no where available in Malaysia! #$^#@$$@@##@!!!#%

Anyway, in conjunction with the 2nd year anniversary of Women's Stuff, FREE handbags will be given out ! *Squeals!*After looking at (Women's Stuff's Sponsor).for the 349807773 time, the Fickle-minded Me FINALLY decided which bag that I wanted. The battle is actually between Coco Black Quilted Bag Chain VS Coco Classics Bow Chain Bag. After weighing down the pros and cons of both bags, to the extent that I listed them out in a piece of paper, I've finally decided on the ............... *Drums Roll*

May I proudly present..................


I know I know, some of you may think it's very simple. But that's what I like about it, Really ! It's description goes like this :

  • Design inspired by Channel,

  • Eyelets for leather threaded chain strap

  • Quilted flap wit statement clasp

  • Fabric interior with 3 pockets

LoL, aren't you tempted too ?

Plus, plus.... I've always been looking for a Black coloured bag that goes well with practically everything. The ones that I saw were either too 'Aunty' or priced at the amount which only Mr/Mrs/Ms Billionaire can afford. Sigh..... an unfortunate case for me :(

However, with this bag, I can picture myself taking it to the office or even just a casual outing with my girlfriends. Very Versatile ! *Wink* Also, although this exquisite design is inspired by Chanel, it has an understated elegance in it... in other words, it is not too flashy. *I never like a bag that is too flashy, it outshines my personality* It's probably why I opted for this one instead of the Coco Black Quilted Bag Chain which looks way too similar like the Classic Channel Bag that everyone is crazy of these days !

I want me a new bag ................

because I can perfectly picture myself owning the Coco Channel Bow Chain Bag. Like I've mentioned above, this design is timeless, simple and most importantly, I see a reflection of my personality in this bag.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Review: SOHUM Creme de la Creme ! (all d way from Aussie :) )

My eldest sister just got back from Australia. Well, yes, she did tasted kangaroo steak, had the best crocodile burger (guLp), and ofcoz....since this is a beauty review.... she got me a jar or SOHUM Body Creme ! I love you Che Che ! Not only it was nicely packed when presented to me, the jar of cream itself looked so Posh & Feminine, I felt reluctant to use it.Sadly, SOHUM is not available in Malaysia, at least that's what I know from my research....via, AHem, Google :P !!

Just in case you're interested to know more bout the products, kindly go here. It has the complete range of products....all looks equally tempting for me, but unfortunately, I'm unable to judge if the smell is good. For instance, Pink Frangipani, Cranberry Plum & Cassis and Apple Fig and Vanilla. Goodness, even the name itself sounds tempting enough ! Only if I was there...... *dreams away*

Review Time !
The cream comes in a screw off jar, not a bad idea, but somehow, as I've always emphasized in my previous posts, I do not like the idea of double-dipping for hygiene reasons. Initially, I THOUGHT that this cream would be oily, leaving a layer of 'uncomfortable-feeling' emolient on my skin. There's an old saying that goes "Time tells the truth". Well, true enough for this case. After a while, the rich creme was absorbed or rather disappears leaving my skin feeling really plush and moisturised ! I mean, seriously, the only time that I feel my skin 'naked' after applying lotion/cream is when I use hotel lotions ! Which does not make any difference to the moisture level on my skin. In this case, I know it's different. The range that my sister got for me was Peony Roses. I have no idea how Peony smells like, but from what I know, Peony is actually another species of Roses (so are strawberries!) It looks something like this.....
A pink peony flower up-close.

A bouqent of peonies elegantly arranged in a pale pink swirl vase....

Note: If you're interested to educate yourself more about this interesting flower, go here. Quick quick quick! Gah, I can't believe how I Google and Wikepedia everything ~ What to do, born like that ma

So, how does the body cream smells like ?
Hmmm....tough question, it's not to easy to find a classification of a peony scent. However, the main note is rather floral, light..... pretty much suitable for the spring season. It reminds me being in a garden full of fragrant blossoming flowers. The smell lingers for a while, but is not over-powering nor does it intimidates the people around you. Personally, I find the scent unique as it is unlike other mass produced scents, it smells natural.

Would I repurchase this again ?
Surprisingly, No. As it comes in a 250mL jar, I think it would last me for some time. Plus, I've always been that kinda person whom likes to try a bit of everything. However, if I ever had the chance to stumble upon SOHUM, I would be more than pleased to try its other range or products (eg: bath salt, perfume, soap). Definitely !

Love, Purified water (aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Peg-100 Stearate, Glycerin, Sesamium Indicium (sesame) oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Cyclomethicone, Persea Gratissima (Avacado) oil, Rosa Eglanteria (Rosehip) seed oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheatgerm) oil, Triethanolamine, Carbimer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (parfum), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Love.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Opinion: Estee Lauder TurboLash VS Lancome Oscillation Mascara

With giant sized posters plastered in every cosmetic counters I go's impossible for those with eye sight to unnotice it. let me introduce the Estee Lauder TurboLash and Lancome Oscillation Mascara !

Well well.....who would have thought of a vibrating mascara of all things ? Well, yes...... some commonly heard of vibrating stuff is for ...well, AHEM, some bed time activities. But now, a mascara ? I must admit defeat, I'm not that imaginative darling :)

Anyways, you can read reviews on both of these mascaras in here and here. (I'm sure you'll find plenty more reviews elsewhere). I must admit that I have not personally tried these mascaras before but.......

it made me wonder if it is necessary to have a vibrating mascara ?

Well, ofcourse, inventors of these tools claim that the 'vibrating' motions help to curl, seperate and ease the job of users (Yes, that refers to us vain pots :P) .... but I'm talking about practicality here.

Isn't it sufficient to curl your lashes the conventional way using a lash curler, then apply mascara with the wand using your hands ? Wouldn't that allow more control ? Call me traditional, but I'm not even used to driving long distance in the cruise mode :P Somehow, I need to feel my feet stepping on the accelerator to feel that my car is in MY control. And I guess the same principle applies to the vibrating mascara.

Plus, we all know that the life span of mascaras are the shortest *they expire after 3 months, although I stubbornly prolong them to sometimes 4 months, MAX!*. So..... do you throw that RM100++ mascara away after 3 months of using, or do you continue to keep them for ....display ? I don't know, maybe I'm too much of a practical person here, whom always compares thing that are good for value.

But, ofcourse ofcourse, I have to give credits for taking conventional mascaras to an entire different level. And something to spice up our dull daily routine of applying mascaras. Thank you very much.

Before I end this post, may I humbly suggest least a ....REFILL ? Come on, RM100+ for a mascara, you've got to convince women *like me* to make our money$$ worth it. Right ?

L'Occitane's Citrus Verbena Sorbet Body Cream

I've always been a fan of L'Occitane's product ever since it ever existed ~ The way its brand name is positioned might be particularly appealing to those whom is in favour of natural products (in this case, I self-proclaim myself as one !! )

I've tried several samples of L'Occitanes products, I might review about them someday, but this one........ its limited edition summer line of Verbena Citrus is simply ....YUMMY! I wouldn't say that it's love at the first whiff, but overall, not bad :))

The Verbena Citrus line might be for you if :
1) You like citrus-sy smell. (This one does not smell overly citrus-sy to the extent that an ant/bird might suspect that you're a FRUIT)
2) You like fragrance that does not hurt your nostrils.

To me, on the first whiff of the body cream, it smells....well, like citrus but in a rather subtle and delicate manner. After a while, the smell reminds me of White Tea ? Oh well....... I'm not too sure if White Tea ever exist, but, for now, it's the most descriptive word that came across my mind :)

Although this product is labelled as a 'Cream', it is rather water based. Upon application, it does not leave any trace of oil or whatsoever. This light textured cream is almost immediately absorbed to your skin. All that's left is a pleasing trail of citrus fragrance. However, if you are looking for that extra moisturization or if you have dry/dehydrated skin, then this product might not be what you're looking for.

Instead of just a body cream, I might possibly include it as an 'aromatheraphy' thingy in times of stress or in one of those days when you need that 'pick-me-up' factor. A good and perhaps bad point of this body cream is that it's lovely fragrance does NOT last. About after 15 mins of application, the smell is almost undetectable :(

Bringing all pros and cons into account, I'm not too sure if I would highly recommend this product. I'm pretty sure it does cause some pain in your pocket for this darling cream *I have no idea how much it costs as it's a gift, but oh's L'Occitane, so you might guess it won't be that cheap afterall.* I'm unsure if I would repurchase this again considering that it has weak moisturising properties and also the price factor, but for now......

I'm considering the Citrus Verbena fragrance as my next summer perfume !

Friday, February 20, 2009

b.liv (Pro Sebum Gel) by Cellniq

In today's post, I'll reveal this magic product that helped my skin to stay clear (at least, I felt that this product is doing its best :P)

I was first introduced to the Pro Sebum Gel (PSG) 2 years ago by my former room mate *I swear this product does wonders to her blemished forehead !). So, I decided to grab myself a bottle of this miracle gel which retails for RM139 for 30mL. Two months ago, after my 2nd bottle of PSG finished, I decided to pay myself a visit to SASA (a famous cosmetics shop) to restock this product. I was rather surprised that it now retails for only RM100, and comes with a cute packaging as shown on the pic below !! I did a research and found out that
**Note: That was during promotion period, I'm not too sure if it's still going on

Previous packaging:
The Pro-Series by Cellnique was later rebranded to b.liv by Cellniq

Current packaging:
Comes with a new refreshing look targetting for the younger generation


Its bottle is cleverly packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump diffuser (very hygienic, somehow I'm not a big fan of the idea of double dipping). Its content is....well, gel like ofcourse, not too runny nor is it too thick. Upon application, a mild cooling sensation can be felt, partly attributed to the presence of peppermint oil in it. There are no traces of fragrance or whatsoever after application. Although I must admit that the previous packaging was more pleasing to my eye, but if that makes promotion held more frequent, then I certainly wouldn't mind :P

So what does it do to my skin ??
It effectively prevent blackheads from forming especially on my T zone area, but in terms of controlling oil secretion......uh-ah.... I don't really see any effects. Oil blotting paper does a better job :D Although this product is meant for blackheads, strangely, it works when I'm having breakouts too. Unlike conventional pimple gels, it does not work by drying out pimples. Instead, it soothes the skin and dries the puss from the INSIDE. Thus, I do not experience the 'fish-scale' effect on my skin (an after effect of pimple gels drying out the skin). After a while, the pimple can be extracted effortlessly and most importantly, almost pain-free.

I guess the PSG would work for you if you suffer from blackheads and occasional breakouts. If you're looking for a pimple cream specially targetting for pimple and problematic skin, then this product might not be for you. For some unexplained reasons, the PSG did help my skin to stay clear, although I still do suffer from occasional breakouts.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Essential Oil: Rosehip Oil for Acne Scars ?

No wonder roses remain as the favourite flower among women. Its beauty is not only on the outside: after its petals fall off, a round pod of seed remains which is also known as Rosehip. When its natural oils found in the seed is extracted, it can be highly beneficial to the skin.

Ever since I moved to KL two years ago, my battle with acne began and is still continuing now. I've tried endless pimple creams, went to facials.... practically, I did everything I could ! Now, that I've changed my cleanser, my skin is starting to clear up a little. Recently, I was introduced by a friend about the magical properties of rose hip oil. So, after conducting my own research via Google, I decided to grab myself a bottle of Biogrow Rosehip Oil from the local pharmacy in my hometown, Penang.

This small bottle of Rosehip essential oil costed me RM46.90, and is only 15ml. The benefits of Rosehip includes relieving dry/dehydrated skin, pigmentation, aging skin and ofcourse acne scars. I was told by the pharmacists that this version of rosehip is an improved formula, it is not as oily as the previous formula, and can be applied directly to the skin.

However, it is still an oil based product, therefore, I would not recommend you to use it if you are still experiencing breakouts or if you have oily skin. I apply it at my acne scars and gently massage till is absorbed. It's been almost 2 weeks using, and so far so good. I did not experience any breakouts, and definitely did feel my scars getting lighter.

Will follow up with another review prolly one month from now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SK II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel

This is a SK II travelling size Cleansing Gel that was given by my mother to me. I can tell you that I've only used it less than three times. Read on and you'll know why.

Fast Facts:
SK II is actually another brand by Procter & Gamble (surprise,surprise !) launched in Japan 25 years ago and undoubtedly considered one of the higher end products in Asia. The secret of this brand lies on Pitera, an ingredient found in SKII's products that claims to do wonders for the skin.

Well well, what do you expect when celebrities like these are using them ?

Carina Lau, an emblem of poise and elegance.

If QiQi is a spokes person for Ginvera Marvel Gel, then MAYBE suddenly everyone will be using them because it contains some MarvelParticle or whatsoever that guarantees a 60 year old skin to be smoother than a 6 year old :P Hehe, excuese me, this is one of the days where I JUST have to be sarcastic.

Supermodel, QiQi

OK, Review time !!
As shown on the pic below, The SK II logo and packaging needs no further introduction as I bet many women out there are more than familiar with the sign. The cleansing gel claims to be a make up remover that dissolves your make up to provide deep cleansing and also to rebalance your skin's pH.

To use:
Dot on DRY face and massage in circular motions for approximately 1 minute to dissolve dirt. Then gently wipe off with a damp facial cloth. Proceed with cleansing.

The cleansing gel comes in a creamy like texture that contains microglitters (which I absolutely have no idea what purpose it serves).It is also free from fragrance.

I however do not like the feeling it left on my skin. Cleansing CREAM would be a more appropriate name rather than cleansing gel, because it is so oily, I can't imagine a gel product (which tends to be water-based) to be so oily. It left my skin feeling heavy, like a layer of mask preventing my skin to breathe. After my makeup has dissolves, it creates a rather messy look, which I'm not used to.

However, I have to give credits to it for removing eye and lip make up effectively.

The product is creamy like with microglitters in it.

Rating: I would give it a 2.5/5. It did remove makeup effectively, but I just can't stand the mess it creates. And the oiliness is a big NO NO. My regular make-up remover removes makeup equally as well as this, but at one third of the price.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes

I first knew about Majolica Majorca (MM) while browsing through my favourite Japanese Magazine, Ray. It is all over Japanese fashion magazines, it is difficult for it to go unnoticed !

So, when I knew that Watsons brought in MJ in around September 2008, I was more than excited. Little did I knew that it is another budget line for Shiseido. So, I quickly got myself a mini pot of the cream eyeshadow. Believe me that I was spoilt for choice, as all the six colours available had equally smooth texture, sheer and colours that put me on a dilemma. I thought to myself "Gold for glamour. Pink for girlishness. Blue for the fresh look. WHICH one ? "

I finally made up my mind and chose Cherry Blossoms (pink) K705 as I think it would go well under purple and blue hues, a regular set of eye make-up colour which I usually opt. Plus, I'm always told by my mother to Wear Pink When You're Young. Somehow, light pinks do not usually go well on mature skin.

comes in a very cute & princessy packaging !

I tried my best to give the best colour representation in the pic above.

It comes in a mini screw-off top, with its content clearly visible on the transparent body part of the jar. I really liked this range of MM's eyeshadow as blending is made very easy with its creamy texture. I apply this eyeshadow along my crease area and it gave me a slightly moist look, shimmery, but the pink colour is not clearly visible. Mainly because the shade that I chose was pretty subtle and nude, I'm not a big fan of dramatic make-up anyway. MM's Frozen Splash Eyes also has a high density of microglitters providing it with a very shimmery look, however, it is not highly pigmented. If you want the colour to be clearly visible, then multiple layerings might be needed to achieve that look.

Upon application, it did not feel heavy on my lids, and is not oily. I sometimes use it alone to freshen up my eyes or use it as a base colour. However, if you are a fan of matte products, then this might not be the thing for you.

It currently retails at RM29.90 for 4 grams ( I think this mini pot will last you for some time) which is quite value for money considering that I like everything about this eyeshadow !

Highly recommended and would definitely repurchase this again !

Friday, February 6, 2009

ZA Dewy Effect Creamy Eye Gel

This is my current eye cream used. FYI: I've always been a fan of Shiseido, and ZA is manufactured in the same laboratory as Shiseido (so is Majolica Majorca and Pure & Mild).

The eye gel is packaged in a soft plastic tube that is squeezable. In my opinion, I prefer products that come in a tube as they are more hygienic. Imagine dipping your finger a million times into a jar of cream. I mean, unless you sterilize your fingers every time you dip your fingers, then it's not a problem. Not a big issue anyway, just personal preference.

ZA is constantly up to new product lines, however, I still think the main target group are for people in their 20's to early 30's. Even with it's latest line, Anti-Early Aging, the products are meant for.... well, anti-early aging.

In it's official website, the Dewy Effect line if mean for:

For skin that’s dry, and for skin that’s oily. Enhances your skin’s natural power and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. With the dewy sensation it creates, this skincare locks in the moisture that the skin needs. Feel your skin become impervious to dryness or liliness.
This program helps you maintain your skin in a smooth, silky state by improving your skin’s ability to moisturize itself.

Unlike ordinary eye gel that is free from fragrance, this one comes with a soft green tea scent. However, the smell is so minimal you can barely notice it.

Upon application, the white coloured gel cream absorbs pretty fast into your eye area, leaving a 'dewy-like-effect'. My eye area felt moisturized but not oily. Considering that I'm only in my early 20's, this eye cream is sufficient, as I don't have dehydrated and thank god, no visible fine lines. YET. However, I have doubts that this will be for you if you have dehydrated eyes or wrinkles. A richer formula might be needed.

However, when applying concealer, I felt that this eye cream is not creamy enough to enable easy blending. (I'm currently using a stick concealer, which tends to be a dryer). Therefore, I find that i have to apply slightly more of this eye cream to enable easy blending.

VERDICT: I definitely would consider repurchasing this, as long as I'm still in my 20's. I would recommend you to purchase it as your first eye cream as it is has rather 'basic' functions which is to keep your eyes moisturized.

When dealing with the eye area which is exceptionally delicate, always tap, NOT drag, cream/make-up on the skin. Since the eye area is the first area that shows the first signs aging, you might consider taking special care of it.

I know these Sharpei's wrinkly skin may be CUTE,
but it won't be when it's on YOU.

Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Mask

I was shopping in Skin Food the other day, and was recommended by the persuasive sales assistant to purchase the Carrot Collagen Eye Mask. It was coincidentally a 'Hit Product'-so, I thought, "Why not give it a try?"

It costed me approximately RM8.90 for a pair of mask. Not too expensive for a mask, but the fact it's only meant for one time use made me think twice. As illustrated by the pic above, the mask is consist of two pieces, of course each on each lower part of the eye. It claims to contain "Lots of nutrients and vitamins for the skin", but I have doubts if it is 100% natural.

Upon opening, the sheet mask is cleverly and neatly packaged in between thin film of plastic. However, one thing that confuses me is: Which is the correct side that should be applied on the skin as both sides looked very similiar ? I wish that SkinFood would take the effort to elaborate further on this.

The mask was slightly slimmy and damp, however, it does not create a mess. It also evidently has a layer of a gel like texture on the mask, which one would likely presume it is made of Royal Jelly and Carrot Extracts. The instructions says that you should apply the mask for 30-45mins. I left the mask for 45mins which did remain intact and gave me a pleasing & cooling sensation around my eye area. After 45mins(just before I was about to remove the mask), I could feel it with my fingertips that the layer of gel that was initially on the mask got thinner. I do not want to come to a quick conclusion that the content has completely absorbed into my eye area, as I felt that the mask is water based, and is logical that evaporation made better sense.

However, I was rather dissapointed when I removed the mask to find that it brought no significant change to my eye area !! Well, I did feel that my eye area was more full of moisture, however it did not have a brightening/tightening effect. I'm not too sure if this is due to my regular skin regime of applying eye cream or perhaps immediate results can only be observed on eyes tat are dehydrated. This I can't possibly tell.

So, would I repurchase this product again ?
The answer is No. But, I'm not dissapointed either. It just didn't produce the effect that I was expecting, which is to lighten my dark circles. However, if you are looking for a quick boost of moisture for your eyes or to prepare yourself for a big event, then go ahead and try it. Afterall, it only cost less than RM10. That wouldn't hurt much right ?

Bird Beauty

I was surfing at and found this interesting video. I then conducted my own research via Google, whom is known to be my best information finder.

Facials made from...........

not from sheep's placenta....

not from MUD either....

Don't get a heart attack

IT's bird's poo !!

YOUR EYES ARE NOT PLAYING TRICKS ON YOU! here are some fast facts:
This practice can be traced since the ancient times where high ranked geishas and kabukis use it to remove their heavy make up while leaving their skin supple and flawless. Apparently, this bird's species is not any ordinary bird.... it's known as 'Uguisu' to Japanese and the ultimate ingredient to this beauty: A natural occurring enzyme known a Guanine which is known to stimulate these skin smoothing effects.

Apparently even world reknowned fashion icon: Mr & Mrs Beckham claims that they owe their clear complexion to using paste made from nightingale poo. Seems like the Beckhams never fail to awe the world with the headlines ! From wearing a 'heeless heel' to birds poo. You can read it all in here and here ! Apparently, while Victoria was in Japan, she was admiring the beauty of the local women and found that it was down to these facials.

Of course, knowing that the world is filled with plenty of beauty conscious women..... Manhattan's Shizuka New York Day Spa began offering these facials at a whooping cost of $160 per hour. Well well, good news: Customers definitely do not have to worry about the peculiar smell of these facials because apparently, these poo are already sterilized under UV rays to remove the stench and also to kill bacterias.

So, who says that being
Beautiful is glamorous ?

Facial, anyone ?

L'Oreal Double Extension BEAUTY TUBE Mascara

I decided to pick up this mascara after reading some good reviews about it in MakeupAlley. While shopping in Watsons, I was busy scanning my eyes through the amount of cosmetics, I finally spotted the L'OrealMascara that I wanted, PLUS PLUS, this time, the Mascara comes with a FREE L'Oreal Lash Curler ! *Goodness, I guess girls are always attracted to the word FREE, or am I born like that ?!*. I also remembered that my previous mascara was approaching it's life span *I was using Fibrewig before this, will give a review about it some other time*, so my almost instantaneous natural reflex was to grab a box of it. At that time, it retailed at RM49.90 (which comes together with the lash curler).

Things that I like about L'Oreal Lash Extension

  • Packaging: Cleverly designed in a tube that comes with two sections: The first section (white) acts as a base to elongate lashes and the second section (black) defines and makes lashes look more voluminous.
  • Size & Description: The size of this mascara is just nice for the grasp of your hands. Its wand is not too thin, it is designed in a way that allows you to gain maximum control while working on the magic on your lashes! It also comes with a rather big brush preventing clumps from forming and is dermatologically tested, therefore I presume it would be suitable for most eye types. I did not experience any stingy feeling upon application. The cream of the mascara is rather liquid and creamy in texture wise. It is very black, which is a plus point if you aim to dramatize your lashes.
  • Properties: It is washable, a quality that I always look for in a mascara. However, if you read the fine prints behind the box that comes along with it....It suggests that you should put on cotton pads soaked in warm water over your eyes for a few seconds. The mild heat from the cotton pad kinda works by 'melting' the mascara. Once the mascara 'melts/softens', I remove it by gently swipping my eye area with the cotton pad and the fibres of the mascara comes off effortlessly. I know that many people weren't too happy about the fact that the mascara runs messy during cleaning, but if you follow the steps suggested, I really don't see it as a problem.
  • Smudge Proof: The fact that this mascara claims that it is SMUDGE PROOF did live up to it ! I've tried dozens of mascaras before and this one really does not smudge at all, thus you dont have to worry about the panda eye effect ! The formula of this mascara is great because wraps up each lash individually, AND stays on to them throughout the whole day.

Things I did not like about L'Oreal Lash Extension Mascara
  • Maybe I'm not one of those people blessed with long lush lashes, but this mascara did not work to elongate my lashes. YES, it did dramatically volumises my lashes, making my lash line look more prominent, but, in terms of length, it worked pretty much like another average mascara. It has not extension properties as its name suggests, mainly because the fact this mascara does not allow 'layering'. By the time I coat my lashes the second round, clumps are already starting to form.
  • Since it comes with two separate compartments, does it mean that the mascara will finish twice as fast as normal mascaras ? This I do not know, as I'm still using it. However, the fact that ALL mascaras should be discarded 3 months upon opening may not be such a problem after all because you'd probably hit the expiry date before the content runs out.

So far, my experience with this mascara has not been particularly satisfying, neither is it dissapointing. If you are looking for a mascara that volumises or defines your lashes(making your lashes look darker), then it might be the one for you. However, IF have short lashes, then Fiberwig would be a better choice. In all, I think this mascara has everything except the fact that it does not elongate lashes !

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm always that kinda girl whom would give my body a treat once in a while.... From soaking in the bath tub to going for a jacuzzi has always been a relaxing experience for me. And I believe everyone deserves to pamper themselves once in a while. However, you do not have to spend a fortune going to spas or massage centres. In this post, I would like to share my ALL TIME FAVOURITE body scrub which would leave you rejuvenated and calm ! *almost feels like going for spa*

  • Light up some candles
  • Put on some relaxing songs
  • *follow the steps of exfoliating below
  • Lastly, soak yourself in a tub of warm water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Unlike ordinary body scrubs, I combined TWO types of scrubs together to exfoliate my skin.

Body Scrub #1 : St Ives Apricot Scrub (170g)
Body Scrub #2: Body Shop African Salt Scrub (350ml)

Scrub #1 can be easily found in anywhere in Watsons, Guardian or your local pharmacy. I don't quite remember when I started using it, but it is one of the scrubs that MY entire family loves. My mom has been using this scrub for years, and so is my dad whom has pretty sensitive skin. Plus it really does not cost a bomb (Currently retailing for approximately RM 20 ).

The one I'm using comes from in a tube, and is meant for Blemish & Blackhead Control, because I find the granules too rough on my facial skin, I subsituted it as a body scrub instead.
I find the one that comes in a tube more user-friendly. (I'm aware that St Ives has another edition that comes in a jar, but I have not had the opportunity to compare which is more value for money).

To Use: Squeeze approximately 5cm of Srub #1 on your palm and mix it with approximately 2 teaspoons of Srub #2.

(Note: The amount of the scrubs above can be altered accordingly to one's preference)

SO, Why Did I Decided to Mix These Two Scrubs Together ?
Reason being, I find that while Scrub #1 has rough apricot kernels that effectively exfoliates your skin, BUT it does not produce the moisturising effect that Scrub #2 does !

In contrary, because Scrub #2 has Shea Butter and Beeswax, where both are important moisturizing ingredients. I felt that my skin was more moisturised and softer after exfoliating. This product claims to be an 'Enlivening Body Scrub With Softening Shea Butter" which DID live up to its claims and the granules found in it are actually Sea Salt. However, the granules of salt melts pretty fast as your hand move in circular motions. Therefore, I would honestly give credits for its moisturising properties, but I must say that I'm rather dissapointed because I feel that it does not remove my dead cells effectively. It also comes with a lovely scent, one that reminds me of the cool sea breeze, soothing but NOT overwhileming, and the scent lingers even after that. But, I'm not too sure if those whom does not fancy perfumed products will like it or not.

In all, this combination of the two body scrubs came to me as accidental, I happen to have the both of these two scrubs the same time. But, really, it has been my 'beauty recipie' for years, and I always use them for events such as before a wedding, party or before a romantic dinner:P

But ofcourse, Scrub #2 was pretty expensive. If I'm not mistaken it was more than RM100,but I can't quite remember. That is probably another disadvantage (besides the fact that it does not exfoliate properly).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Skin-Care Regime

It took me some time to figure out which are the first products where I would start reviewing on. Trust me, I have quite a load of stuffs lying here and there, although I can't quite guarantee if I'm still using them :P

Anyway, as the Title suggests, why not start on my skin care regime .
In here, I would highlight the current cleanser and toner that I'm using now.

Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-up Remover
to be used together with Avene Thermal Spring Water

Avene Thermal Spring Water:
The magical thermal water that claims to do wonders for your skin and has multiple uses. Its uses and properties can be found at

Avene Micellar Lotion :
A 2 in 1 product, Cleanser +Make-up Remover

This particular product that I'm using is unlike ordinary cleansers: it is a non-rinse formula. it also claims to be highly rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water but does not explicitly states the percentage on it. in terms of its solution, it is pretty much like toners, uncoloured, slightly scented and watery.

To use:
Wet a generous amount of Avene Micellar Lotion
across face and neck using a cotton pad.

While I give credits to this product in soothing my skin (calming the redness), I have to point out on major disadvanatge:
It does not remove EYE make up effectively !
(Note that I'm using a non-water proof mascara which should be easier to clean)

Therefore, I would suggest to anyone who is intending to use this cleanser/makeup to remove their make up with their regular make up remover before using the Micellar Lotion. Then, follow up by rinsing with cold water to remove excess makeup.

Upon application, I did not feel any stingy sensation as it is alcohol free
(however, I'm not too sure if it's good news for oily skin, as alcohol tends to do a better job in controlling oil secretion).
In fact, it felt as though I was applying toner across my face ! It felt as though there was a layer of moisture sealing my skin. my skin does not feel taut nor dry after using this product.

The instruction in behind the bottle says "Complete the cleansing process by spraying a mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water". Therefore, at any chance you are buying this product, I highly suggest you purchase it together with the thermal water. When used together with the thermal water, my skin felt refreshed and there was no sticky-or-whatsoever feeling.

It left my skin feeling clean, without its natural moisture being stripped off.

The cleanser would do well on sensitive skin as its main properties work to soothe senstive skin. It also provided me with the essential cleansing I needed.

It clearly does not play the role of a make-up remover and generally does not produce special effects such as whitening/firming. And also probably more time consuming, because you have to use a seperate make-up remover.

Overall, I would give this product a 4/5 . If it had worked well as a make-up remover, then it's probably a 5:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Skin Details and Tips!

So, here are some basic details of my skin. And they act as a guideline for readers *if any* to know how if the reviewed products would work in the best interest for them.

Skin colour: Fair with a yellow undertone
Texture: Smooth
Type: Combination to dry
Problematic areas: T-zone, where I tend to have breakouts around my chin area.

Like normal women out there, I'm not one of those with flawless skin *Well, I used to.....siGh, those were the days!* and would not consider my skin sensitive as I don't quite remember when my skin was allergic to products. However, I believe that the right skincare and home-care are essential in mantaining healthy skin.

Honestly, I'm gonna skip the typical-how-to-achieve-good-skin that are provided by gazzilion websites and so-called beauty gurus preaching about eating lots of veggies, drink 6-8 glasses of water, dont touch your skin, stress, yada-yada.....
BCoz, firstly, I assume that MANY people already know that ?!
I mean who doesnt?
The ideal pyramid food chain or whatever you call it is everywhere from posters in clinics to standard four's science text book
*Exhales deeply*
Therefore, in this particular section, I would like to highlight certain facts *largely based on personal experience & may not be found in any other beauty books nor websites*.

Tip #1: Cleanser & Toner of the Same Brand
It is preferable for one to use products of the same brand, especially when it comes to your cleanser and toner. *this is an important and useful tip that I got from my beautician friend* Reason being, cleansers and toner work together to produce certain effects in your skin, therefore, they should be of the same brand to prevent any adverse effects.

Tip #2: Layers of excessive products!
When having breakouts, avoid applying excessive products, such as mask, abbrasive exfoliating because these will only lead to 'choking' your skin. This occured to me when I had my first major breakouts, i started slapping products across my face foolishly hoping they would make it better. but it simply didn't and will not work !

Tip #3: Always always apply suncreen if exposed to the sun

It is NEVER too late to start investing on a eye cream. A good eye cream should effectively moisturise your skin and should be free of fragrance because the eye area is exceptionally delicate. Well, ofcourse, I do not mean slapping anti-wrinkles in your 20's or teens. One that effectively moisturizes and prevents dark circles *who doesn't have dark circles, UGH!* is sufficient. No point buying some magical cream that claims to erase wrinkles in just 10 applications when you're in your 50's. It's no different than taking taking your panadols ALL AT ONCE after being SICK for a week !

Beauty is all about maintainence & knowledge.
Yes, No ?

Brief Intro

First of all, this blog is meant for product reviews *everything from make-ups to skin care and maybe some magical make up tools*
As Ive always been a make up enthusiats since in my mother's womb prolly..... I've decided to start up this blog.....

One reason> to share my interest and passion in beauty stuffs,
which I proudly nickname em as the Ultimate Girls Toys !

Similiarly, being brought up in an enviroment full of is of little wonder that every room that i enter upon has, either bottles of perfume, moisturisers, lying around. Therefore, I am privilleged to try on products for once or *multiple times* without having to burn a hole in my pocket !

Lastly, as much as Im tempted to try the higher end products such as Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Shiseido etc...... I'm proud the say that AT LEAST for now..... my main range of products that are currently used are pretty much affordable stuffs such as L'oreal and Kate from Kanebo. The reviews of products that I include in here may not be in the interest of everyone as each individuals are blessed or maybe not with different skin. So in the next posting, I'll reveal some details of my skin, so that ....well, at least you know how a certain product would work on you.

While I take pride and effort in blogging, I hope I've given you some clues in choosing the right products and happy happy reading !