Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I need a new bag!

I have been reading this amazing and highly popular website for almost a month now. It gives tips on womens life and most importantly,gives reviews on products that are available here in Malaysia. You know, there are times where you see really good reviews on this product to only find ............that it's no where available in Malaysia! #$^#@$$@@##@!!!#%

Anyway, in conjunction with the 2nd year anniversary of Women's Stuff, FREE handbags will be given out ! *Squeals!*After looking at (Women's Stuff's Sponsor).for the 349807773 time, the Fickle-minded Me FINALLY decided which bag that I wanted. The battle is actually between Coco Black Quilted Bag Chain VS Coco Classics Bow Chain Bag. After weighing down the pros and cons of both bags, to the extent that I listed them out in a piece of paper, I've finally decided on the ............... *Drums Roll*

May I proudly present..................


I know I know, some of you may think it's very simple. But that's what I like about it, Really ! It's description goes like this :

  • Design inspired by Channel,

  • Eyelets for leather threaded chain strap

  • Quilted flap wit statement clasp

  • Fabric interior with 3 pockets

LoL, aren't you tempted too ?

Plus, plus.... I've always been looking for a Black coloured bag that goes well with practically everything. The ones that I saw were either too 'Aunty' or priced at the amount which only Mr/Mrs/Ms Billionaire can afford. Sigh..... an unfortunate case for me :(

However, with this bag, I can picture myself taking it to the office or even just a casual outing with my girlfriends. Very Versatile ! *Wink* Also, although this exquisite design is inspired by Chanel, it has an understated elegance in it... in other words, it is not too flashy. *I never like a bag that is too flashy, it outshines my personality* It's probably why I opted for this one instead of the Coco Black Quilted Bag Chain which looks way too similar like the Classic Channel Bag that everyone is crazy of these days !

I want me a new bag ................

because I can perfectly picture myself owning the Coco Channel Bow Chain Bag. Like I've mentioned above, this design is timeless, simple and most importantly, I see a reflection of my personality in this bag.