Saturday, February 7, 2009

Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes

I first knew about Majolica Majorca (MM) while browsing through my favourite Japanese Magazine, Ray. It is all over Japanese fashion magazines, it is difficult for it to go unnoticed !

So, when I knew that Watsons brought in MJ in around September 2008, I was more than excited. Little did I knew that it is another budget line for Shiseido. So, I quickly got myself a mini pot of the cream eyeshadow. Believe me that I was spoilt for choice, as all the six colours available had equally smooth texture, sheer and colours that put me on a dilemma. I thought to myself "Gold for glamour. Pink for girlishness. Blue for the fresh look. WHICH one ? "

I finally made up my mind and chose Cherry Blossoms (pink) K705 as I think it would go well under purple and blue hues, a regular set of eye make-up colour which I usually opt. Plus, I'm always told by my mother to Wear Pink When You're Young. Somehow, light pinks do not usually go well on mature skin.

comes in a very cute & princessy packaging !

I tried my best to give the best colour representation in the pic above.

It comes in a mini screw-off top, with its content clearly visible on the transparent body part of the jar. I really liked this range of MM's eyeshadow as blending is made very easy with its creamy texture. I apply this eyeshadow along my crease area and it gave me a slightly moist look, shimmery, but the pink colour is not clearly visible. Mainly because the shade that I chose was pretty subtle and nude, I'm not a big fan of dramatic make-up anyway. MM's Frozen Splash Eyes also has a high density of microglitters providing it with a very shimmery look, however, it is not highly pigmented. If you want the colour to be clearly visible, then multiple layerings might be needed to achieve that look.

Upon application, it did not feel heavy on my lids, and is not oily. I sometimes use it alone to freshen up my eyes or use it as a base colour. However, if you are a fan of matte products, then this might not be the thing for you.

It currently retails at RM29.90 for 4 grams ( I think this mini pot will last you for some time) which is quite value for money considering that I like everything about this eyeshadow !

Highly recommended and would definitely repurchase this again !