Thursday, April 9, 2009

L'Oreal ELSEVE Nutri-Gloss Shine Serum

When talking about hair serum... I think that this edition of L'Oreal still remains my favourite ! Although I think this hair serum has been out in the market for possibly 1 year +, but advertisements of it can still be found in pages of magazines (I saw it in this the April 2009 CLEO's mag!).

This hair serum claims to contain "Pearl Protein" that helps to infuse shine into dull, lacking shine hair. Haha, it's funny after completing endless Marketing assignments, we're taught that all these 'scientific' names such as XL-Xylitol, in this case Pearl Protein, etc merely serve as another tactic to stand out from their competitors.

The packaging differs slightly from the ones here in M'sia.
I got the pic above from a UK site.

OK, back to the serum pls:)
Reason #1 why I love this serum is the fact that it does provide you with that "Soft, Cashmere Touch" as it claims! I normally apply one pump on towel-dried hair and another additional pump after my hair is like....90% dry ?! It gives me this light bouncy feeling on my hair, and keep some of my stubborn strands at bay. VERY good, Me likey.

Texture wise is rather runny, and is obviously oil based *it also contains Jojoba Oil which is supposed to be good for hair*. Although it's oil-based, it does not feel oily upon application and the serum somehow infuses/I would like to believe that it does, to the hair. It comes in a 50ml pink plastic bottle with a pump diffuser. Is also slightly scented, giving that fresh-outta-bath feeling.

However, I must address some of its down sides too. One thing for sure is that because the serum is rather runny, you would need quite a large quantity for it to be sufficient. I have thick shoulder length hair and I'm using 2-3 full pumps per time. Secondly and also lastly, although it makes my hair soft and manageable, I doubt that it has nourishing properties. If someone with damaged/severely chemical-treated hair uses this.....umm, I guess this serum does not help much in nourishing the strands. However, putting into consideration that it costs less than RM30.... I guess it's worth it !

Overall, I would recommend this to those that have normal-oily hair. Or if you're looking for an everday use serum. If you have severely dry/chemically treated hair, then perhaps....this bottle of serum would not live its claims.