Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review: Culpeper Herbalist Essential Oil

Since young, I grew up in an environment whereby smell is given particular importance. From the distinctive spices of my mom's cooking, to the concoction of my dad's perfume and cigarette *he used to smoke A LOT*...... and YES, I love love love perfume or any other scent, and will continue to till the day I die. To me, scent is not just a status of symbol, to make yourself more noticeable, and neither is it to combat any unwanted body odour. To me, it's a symbol of personality.

In this particular post, my bf recently bought a set of aromatherapy essential oil (Mandarin, Rose Geranium and Lavender) from Culpeper Herbalist, one of the oldest English herbalist since the 17th Century. It has mainly body products ranging (mainly aromatheraphy ones) ranging from bar soaps, to remedial creams. The only shop that I know can be found in the ground floor of Parkson, Sunway Pyramid.

Mandarin Essential Oil
Latin name: Citrus Reticulata

Calming and soothing. Mandarin Oil is used as a relaxing bath fragrance to encourage peaceful sleep. Blend with Vitamin E to help prevent stretch marks and premature wrinkles. Good for nervous indigestion. Sedative and uplifting, this is suitable to dilute and use on children’s skin.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil
Latin name: Pelagornium graveolens

Relaxing yet uplifting in the bath or a rich, exotic room freshener. Rose Geranium Oil is a popular oil.

Lavender Essential Oil
Latin name: Lavandula officinalis
The most versatile and popular of all essential oils. Useful in almost every condition. Used to help aid recovery of burns and skin wounds. A balancing oil for the nervous system this oil is known for its relaxing properties. Beneficial for muscular tension and emotional anxiety. Extremely antiseptic and healing in skincare.

The descriptions of the essential oil are directly taken from the Culpeper's official website.

As all pure essential oils are harsh....they should NEVER be directly applied to naked skin. For massage purposes, always mix them with any carrier oil.... (You will have to ask the SA for the proportion though). For a relaxing bath, mix approximately 10 drops to warm water and soak your stress away.

For me, my favourite way of relaxation is still using the traditional essential oil burner. Just drop about 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil into the burner... and sway into the mood of relaxation. As I am buried in countless assignments and presentations, I'm relying on the magic of aromatheraphy to release my stress :P.... or maybe it's just another of my excueses to pamper myself ?! *I deserve a smack on the head*

Personally, Lavender has always remained as one of my favourite essential oils. It's truly relaxing, and doesn't hurt the nostrils at all. On the other hand, geranium has a kinda 'sweet' smell to it; it's very uplifting and pleasant. For some reasons, Mandarin is sposed to be sedative, but I personally found it invigorating.... sth refreshing to start your day. LoL....maybe I'm the weird one here :O

Price range: The website currently retails for 8 pounds per 15ml bottle...... but he got 3 bottles for RM 138. Aiks, Pricey I know.... but for the sake of your mental state of mind, it'd better be worth it ~ Overall, I can't really tell if an essential oil is of top-grade etc.... I guess you really need years of experience/if you're naturally born with really accurate smell sense.

But, for sure.... I could tell the difference between this one and the one sold in the Taiwanese gift shop!