Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of my past time

This is probably one of the posts unrelated to reviews and beauty products..... but would like to share this very website that I stumbled upon and already been a regular over the past 9 months.

A website that provides..........

*afterall, good things are meant to be shared*

*ballons, and squeels !*

To visit this website....go to

Some of the magazines available........
I think they're easily 100+ over types of magazines.

The website is in Mandarin, I'm a banana, I can't read Chinese despite proudly being one, but I manage to navigate my way through...... however, that's only if you're interested in Japanese Fashion Magazines. Some of the brands that I've never heard of *simply because they don't have it in Msia!!* Figaro, Nylon, ecaES POSHH!, Anecan, and so much more ! Go check it out, go go go :)

Like most Pisceans, I consider myself an arts person, I love creative stuffs from card making, paper quilling, sequinns, and also embroided stuffs. And this website provides some craft books from Japan. It's fun and pleasing to my eyes, but have never attempted any projects from there, because, first, they're all in Japanese!, secondly, I have to gather all the materials from scratch....where to get, I know some places, but the price is over the roof ! *Sigh*

And the best thing is that most of the fashion magazines are pubished 2 months in advance. This issue of Ray magazine below is May 2009's edition. *which is also my fav mag!* I know that the Jap magazines in M'sia are at least 2 editions older, I quietly wonder if they're importing these unsold/tak-laku mags from overseas, which is deemed as a way to get rid of old stocks. In economic term, this is also known as dumping!

Word of caution:
You may get frustrated viewing the scans if your connection is not fast enough. It might take some time for the pages the load, and you CAN'T download the entire issue in one shot.... all pages must be viewed individually. So if you have nothing- else- better- to- do- days, and if you're a fashion maniac like me, then by all means, go ahead and tease your patience :P