Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip: For a shine free day look

Very often, when it comes to choosing cosmetics...... I am very tempted to choose those that comes with sparkles/shimmer/micro-glitter/whatever you call it. And I bet that many girls out there are one the same side of team with me, am I correct cOrrect ?!

Well, ofcourse products with shimmer provides that extra sparkle to your overall look and definitely spices up your make-up. However, being in Malaysia.... where normal day temperature averages about 32 degree Celcius, I believe that many Malaysian women felt that their make up kinda melts at the end of the day, if not...... ending up with unwelcomed glistening cheeks/forehead. So, in here, I would like to share a very simple tip that reduce (or at least creates an illusion) of make-up that stays fresh throughout the day.

A good example of day make-up that I'm talking about.
Natural look that enhances on the skintone.

Personally, I have combination skin, where my skin tends to be oily at the T-zone. I've learnt my lesson over the years to choose day moisturizers that are oil-free, and also be selective in choosing cosmetics. What I meant by 'selective in choosing cosmetics' is not to provide too much shimmer-effect on the face. Imagine if you applied a nude shimmery eye colour, coupled with a highly shimmery blush PLUS lip gloss that shines like a mirror ! Seriously, I've seen many ladies out there whom tend to go for overly shimmery stuffs, and when it comes to someone lazy like me, whom doesn't blot/touch up frequent enough (when your skin starts getting oily)........ the result is a pool of melted cosmetics!

Therefore, my advice is to prep the skin with the suitable moisturizer, for me, I prefer an oil free one. Always remember to keep your skin moisturised even if you have oil-producing skin ! Then, follow up with your sunscreen/make-up base (in here, my recently bought BB cream is all I need!). Then lightly dust your face with loose powder. For a more natural finish, just concentrate on your T-zone.

Finally, if you decide that:
--> You want all the attention to your eyes, then keep the lips matte/simple.
--> You want kissable glossy lips, then its best opt for a non-shimmer blush.

A simple rule of thumb : Less is more.

Products I use for day look:
--> Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser (non-rinse type)
--> Avene Thermal Water as toner
--> Eucerin DermoPurifyer as moisturizer
--> ZA Dewy Effect Eye Gel + Kate's Stick Concealer for the eye area
--> GoWoonsesang BB Cream (very good oil control properties)
** For cosmetics, products varies as it depends on my mood and occasion

Note: Ofcourse, if you live in a winter country where the atmosphere tends to be drier or if you have normal/dry skin, then you may not find the above tips very useful.

Have a nice day, muah!